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  • IGN/Nickname: TangSangHok
  • What do you specialize on: helper, I can help new players who don't know how to play this server, I can help players who ask what they don't know, I am often on the Sky Block server.
  • What is your hobby: playing minecraft on sky blocks
  • What is your favorite minigame (on Estrium): sky block
  • How much time you can contribute to the server: I get 5-12 hours on the server if there are no real-life constraints
  • Do you have previous server moderation experience: No
  • Do you have any previous application: No
  • Tell us what is your motivation becoming a staff at Estrium : what made me decide to become a staff on this server because in my opinion, on this server I think there is a shortage of staff who are often on the server. I think this server is very good. This server is also one of my favorite Indonesian servers
  • Why we should accept you: the reason why you should accept me is because I am trustful and I am smart and selfless. as a helper, I have to help players who don't know how to play on this server and answer questions new players don't know. and I'm active on the server
  • Timezone: GMT+7
  • Country: Indonesia
  • Age: 15
  • Contact (Discord, Email) (We recommend you to put both of them so we can contact you easily): Discord = verix # 1903. email = [email protected]