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SkyBlock Update
6 months ago

After some discussion with our team, we decided to reset SkyBlock on 20 December 2020 with Dungeon Update and More!

Survival [S1]
7 months ago

✦ Hello everyone
➤ We are now opening Survival Season 1 

◆ Features: 

    » Dungeon

    » Donator Kits
    » Custom Enchantments
    » Player Warp
    » Jobs

✦ Hallo semuany...

SkyBlock [S1]
7 months ago

✦ Hello everyone
➤ We are now opening SkyBlock Season 1 

◆ Features: 

    ✦ Arena PvP
    ✦ Donator Kits
    ✦ Custom Islands

Network Migration
7 months ago

~ Hello Everyone

We have moved the server from Germany to Singapore
Players will now have a better latency

~ Hallo Kawan-kawan

Kita telah memindahan lokasi server dari German ke Singapore
Dengan ini player-player akan mendapatkan kecepatan koneksi yang lebih baik.

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